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Strategic Planning Services

Strategic planning is the glue that binds your business IT needs together, ensuring that your critical IT systems stay up to date and working smoothly together well into the future.  Our team works with our partners to identify upcoming projects and new services, combined with existing IT services, to create a yearly roadmap for their organization to follow.  This approach minimizes unexpected costs and prevents IT surprises, while also allowing for the forecasting of current and future IT expenditures.  

At Osiris InfoSec, our team works with key business stakeholders to identify business goals and how they align with the organizations current and future IT plans.  We research and identify the technologies required to make new business ventures successful.  The team also serves as the technical point of contact for any business endeavors that require technical input or decision making, ensuring that third parties are in alignment with the organizations overall IT vision.  

Most importantly, our team is continuously reviewing the capabilities of the technologies that the business has already invested in to find more value whenever possible.  New features from updates are potential opportunities to implement new technologies that benefit the company without the need for an additional financial investment.  Many times, organizations look to implement a new technology only to find that an existing solution has those capabilities already.  This approach allows the Osiris InfoSec team to ensure that our partners are getting the most return on their investment possible over the lifetime of the investment.  

Examples of our Strategic Planning Services include:

  • IT project roadmap development

  • IT budgeting assessment

  • Software and support renewal management

  • System capability auditing

  • Future IT expenditure forecasting

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