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Cybersecurity Services

The act of hacking started long ago as a ruse used by hackers to create trouble in computer systems, for no reason other than to see if it could be done.  Unfortunately, those simple beginnings have turned into a criminal industry worth billions of dollars, one that causes untold amounts of damage every year to not only businesses, but also to individual people.  Worse still, the governments of the world have engaged in cyber warfare, raising the stakes even higher, and adding a political factor to the mix.  With the landscape as it currently stands, cybersecurity has become the responsibility of every business and individual that uses the Internet today.

At Osiris InfoSec, we take a security first mindset and apply it to the services we offer to our partners.  We are practitioners and followers of the CIA Triad, using this model as an overarching guide when working with various cybersecurity frameworks.  We believe in the principal of least privilege, adhering to this principal by giving any user accounts or processes only those privileges which are essentially vital to perform its intended functions.  To further enhance this principal, we guide partners towards a zero-trust model, a concept that follows the mantra "never trust, always verify".

Cybersecurity in today's modern world is accomplished by using a layered approach to security.  To that end, Osiris InfoSec provides an ever evolving list of cybersecurity focused services.  Examples of our services include:

  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

  • Email Security Services

  • Intrusion Prevention/Intrusion Detection (IPS/IDS)

  • Vulnerability Scanning Services

  • Security Posture Assessment Services

  • Security Framework Implementation

  • Conditional Access

  • Organizational Policy Development

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