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Recovery Services

Let's face it, a disaster can occur anytime and anywhere, without any advanced notice.  Depending on the severity of the emergency, businesses that have not planned accordingly can be left crippled or completely devastated, upending their ability to service their customers.  Events of this nature can lead to many small businesses closing their doors due to not being able to weather the storm, be it financially, from data loss, or some other undesired outcome.  In the end, no one wants to see their life's work swept away in a flood or destroyed in a fire with no way to recover from such an event.  

Osiris InfoSec offers disaster recovery services designed to prevent these exact scenarios.  Our service plans include options for backing up both workstations and servers to ensure data recovery of any device storing company data.  The philosophy our disaster recovery solutions use follow the 3-2-1 backup rule, which states:

  • There should be 3 copies of data

  • Data should be stored on 2 different types of media

  • 1 copy of the data should be stored offsite

This approach allows our team to engineer a disaster recovery and business continuity solution that ensures our partners can continue to conduct the business of servicing customers when an emergency occurs.  We take into account the Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) requirements of the business and use this information to develop the start of, or supplement to, an organization wide disaster recovery plan.  

Examples of our disaster recovery services include:

  • Physical server backups

  • Virtual server backups

  • Workstation backups

  • Restore testing for data integrity

  • Disaster recovery planning

  • Participation in disaster recovery events

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