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Security Focused Managed IT Services & Strategic Planning

Osiris InfoSec is committed to developing business partnerships that allow us to provide secure IT services and IT strategic planning to small and medium sized businesses.  Our goal is not to recommend any run of the mill solution; we want the right solution for your business.

Our Services

Our Services

Osiris InfoSec provides a wide array of critical IT services to small and medium sized businesses.  We strive to find the right solution that fits your business needs and provides the best overall value to your company.

Cloud Services

Whether your cloud adoption strategy is to hybridize your IT infrastructure or move completely to the cloud, we have flexible, scalable solutions that will fulfill your business needs.

IT Operations Management Services

Need help managing and maintaining your office networks, critical servers, or user workstations?  Maybe you need help with all three?  Our fully managed IT service offerings can help.

Disaster Recovery Services

In today's changing world, no business should operate without a disaster recovery plan that includes business continuity.  Peace of mind knowing your business is protected is invaluable.

Cybersecurity Services

Our philosophy is security must be integrated into all aspects of a company conducting business in the modern age.  With this in mind, our cybersecurity services cover all the needs of today's modern digital business.

IT Project Services

Do you have an upcoming or current IT project you need help managing or implementing?  Not sure how to implement a certain technology?  Our team of experienced project managers and engineers can help you reach your goal.

Strategic Planning Services

Have you experienced an IT financial surprise recently?  Were there costs you didn't expect or sudden outages requiring emergency projects?  Our team helps ensure your business is planning and prepared for the future.

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